Pokemon Fan Art Showcases Awesome Realistic Charizard Design

Pokemon fans are often imagining ways the creatures would look and act in the real world, which seems to be the inspiration for a fan design based on Charizard! Shared on Reddit by user Kooale325, the Pokemon has a very intimidating appearance. Its orange skin and pointy ears perfectly evoke Charmander's final evolved form, but the scales and toothy grin make it a bit more realistic than the version that first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue on Nintendo Game Boy. It's an awesome take on one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise, and one that long-time fans will definitely want to see for themselves!

The original Reddit post from Kooale325 can be found embedded below.

This version of Charizard looks excellent, channeling the charm of the Pokemon's original design. It would have been easy to just make it look like any other dragon that appears in media, but this 3D sculpt certainly feels like Charizard. The image was created using Blender, which is a free 3D creation suite online. After seeing Kooale325's take on Charizard, perhaps other fans will see what they can make using the software!

Kooale325's design bears a slight similarity to Charizard's appearance in the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu film. The movie offered a scalier take on the Flame Pokemon, which meshed well with Psyduck's feathers, Pikachu's fur, and the rest of Detective Pikachu's Pokemon. While the Pokemon games and cartoons have traditionally given Charizard a smoother appearance, key art for games like Pokemon Stadium has also embraced the scalier take.


It's always great to see the creativity the Pokemon franchise inspires! In the 25 years since the first Pokemon games released, fans have created lots of their own takes on the most popular monsters from the series. The franchise shows no sign of slowing down, so fans can expect to see many more fan takes such as this one in the future. In fact, readers that enjoyed Kooale325's take on Charizard can also find their version of Tyranitar right here.

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