Pokemon Sword and Shield is Giving Away a Shiny Amoonguss for a Very Limited Time

amoonguss hed
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can add a Shiny Amoonguss by entering a limited edition Mystery Gift code. Pokemon Korea is hosting their first ever official VGC tournament this weekend, and the Pokemon Company is celebrating with a special gift for all players. For today and tomorrow only, players can obtain a Shiny Amoonguss by entering the code "TRA1NERSCUP" into the Mystery Gift menu. The Shiny Amoonguss is based on the one used by Korean player Baik Jongyoon during the 2019 VGC World Championships. This Level 50 Pokemon comes with the moves Spore, Clear Smog, Rage Powder and Protect, making it a perfect partner Pokemon to use in Doubles battles.

Amoonguss's moveset uses Rage Powder to draw attention to it, forcing an opponent's Pokemon to attack it instead of a partner Pokemon. Amoonguss can also use Protect to cancel an opponent's move, Clear Smog to reset any buffs an opponent has, or Spore to put an enemy to sleep. It's a great disruptor that can also protect its partner, making it perfect for the 2v2 style of gameplay popular in VGC. Amoonguss has long been a popular Pokemon because of its versatility, and this Amoonguss is a great example of what it can do.

The Shiny Amoonguss is usually a difficult Pokemon to obtain, as players only have a 1 in about 4000 chance to find a Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Those odds can be improved through various means, but a guaranteed opportunity is usually too good of a chance to pass up.

Players can obtain the Amoonguss through 11:59 AM ET tomorrow. To grab the Pokemon, head to the Mystery Gift menu, select the "Get a Mystery Gift" option, and then choose the "Get with Code/Password" option.