Pokemon Sword and Shield Rings in New Year With Shiny Raid Event

Pokemon Sword and Shield is hosting a new Max Raid event with increased odds of finding a Galar Pokemon. Earlier today, Pokemon Sword and Shield's Max Raid Battles shifted for a new Wild Area Event - Get Cheeky with Skwovet and Greedent. As its name suggests, the event focuses on the Galar Pokemon Skwovet and Greedent and features increased odds of finding a Shiny Skwovet or a Shiny Greedent. Two percent of all 5-Star raids have a Shiny Skwovet as a Raid Boss, while another two percent of 5-Star raids have Shiny Greedent as the Raid Boss. Like other Raid Events, players won't know if they're encountering a Shiny Raid Boss until after the raid has started. Other Pokemon involved in the event include Cherubi, Morelull, Shiinotec, Foongus, and Amoonguss. Appearance rates appear to be the same for both Pokemon games.

The new Wild Area Event is the latest event to feature increased odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon. Players typically have less than a 1 in 4000 chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon, which have alternative coloration than a normal Pokemon, although they can increase those odds significantly through various in-game tricks. Raid events, such as this weekend's event, provide players with a rare opportunity to boost their chances to find that rare Shiny Pokemon.

A Shiny Skwovet has reddish fur compared to its non-Shiny grey-furred counterpart, while a Shiny Greedent has cream colored fur covering most of its body. Comparisons of the non-Shiny versus Shiny Pokemon can be found below.

While Pokemon Sword and Shield has likely wrapped up new content releases, we can expect periodic events like this weekend's Max Raid Event. With the Pokemon franchise's 25th anniversary coming up this year, we're likely in for a big year of news and new games. In addition to the already announced Pokemon Snap, Detective Pikachu 2, and the Pokemon Unite MOBA, many fans are also expecting a brand new Pokemon game of some kind - likely a remake of either Pokemon Gold and Silver or Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The Max Raid Event runs from today through Sunday January 10th at 23:59 UTC (6:59 PM ET.)