Pokemon Sword and Shield: Here's Why Your Eevee Keeps Evolving Into a Sylveon Instead of Umbreon or Espeon

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have discovered another change to one of Eevee's evolutions. Earlier this month, ComicBook.com reported that Pokemon Sword and Shield features a new way of evolving Eevee into two of its potential evolutions. Now, players have discovered that the evolution method for evolving into Eevee into Sylveon has also changed. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players simply need to level up Eevee when it has a high friendship level while knowing a Fairy-type move in order to evolve it into Sylveon. Previously, players needed to level up Eevee when it knew a Fairy-type move and had a high level of Affection, a stat that was generated using the Pokemon-Amie and Pokemon Refresh features in past Pokemon games. While Pokemon Sword and Shield has a similar Pokemon Camp feature, it only increases a Pokemon's Friendship stat and Affection seems to have been removed from the game entirely.

The issue is that this change impacts two of Eevee's other evolutions - Espeon and Umbreon. These Pokemon have always needed Eevee to be leveled up while having high Friendship levels during the day or night to evolve. However, in order to evolve these Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, players need to make sure Eevee doesn't know a Fairy-type move, or else Eevee will evolve into Sylveon instead. This has made for some confused trainers who don't understand why Eevee keeps evolving into the wrong Pokemon when they seem to be doing everything right.


Luckily, all three Pokemon can now also be caught in the wild at the Lake of Outrage during certain weather conditions. If you're struggling to get one of these three Eevee evolutions, simply head to the Lake of Outrage and see which Eevee evolution is hanging out near that large circle of stones.

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