Pokemon Trading Card Game Adds an Insanely Powerful New Type of Card

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a super powerful new card type in 2018.Last month, the [...]

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is getting a super powerful new card type in 2018.

Last month, the Pokemon TCG announced its newest expansion, Ultra Prism, which will come out in the United States and Europe in February 2018. In addition to 10 new GX cards, the set will also have six special "Prism Star" cards, a new type of card with special rules and abilities.

The Pokemon Company unveiled the first Prism Star card, a special "Solgaleo Prism" card, and unveiled the mechanics for the new type of card. Players can only have one of each Prism Star card in their deck and have to put the card in a special "Lost Zone" discard pile when discarded. Once in the Lost Zone, a Prism Star card is permanently removed from play for the rest of the game.

However, unlike GX-cards, players only get one prize card for knocking out a Prism Star card, even though they have abilities and attacks comparable to other types of powerful Pokemon cards. For instance, the Solgaleo Prism card lets players distribute energy from their discard pile equal to the number of Pokemon their opponent has in play. That means that a player can quickly power up Solgaleo (or other Pokemon on their deck) and then hit an opponent with an attack that does 160 damage.

Here's a closer look at the Solgaleo Prism Star card:

From the sounds of things, these new cards could be the next hot thing in competitive Pokemon TCG play. We'll have to see how powerful these Prism Star cards are when they come out in 2018.