Pokemon Unite: Balance Patch 1.2 Breakdown

Pokemon Unite has released a new balance patch, providing buffs to a number of different Pokemon. Earlier today, Tencent released the latest balance patch for Pokemon Unite, a MOBA-style Pokemon game. The balance patch contained numerous upgrades and adjustments to several Pokemon. Most of these upgrades were relatively minor, but a few Pokemon got some pretty significant boosts. One of the biggest winners of the balance patch was Charizard, which saw its Seismic Slam Unite Move receive additional effects and saw its Fire Blast's cooldown time nearly cut in half. Lucario also received a major upgrade to its Close Combat attack, although this is somewhat balanced by the fact that Close Combat delivers multiple blows that can potentially be avoided. The Sleep effect was also nerfed - enemy Pokemon now wake up when they are hit by an attack.


The full list of move changes can be found below:


  • Fire Punch: Target gets burned when hitting multiple opponents
  • Flamethrower: Increase to movement speed after attacking
  • Fire Blast: Cooldown decreased
  • Seismic Slam: Cooldown decreased, and it now increases damage dealt by basic attacks, restores HP when damaging opponents


  • Night Slash: Cooldown decreased, decreased range of the second attack
  • Sucker Punch: Cooldown decreased, increased duration of the hindrance


  • Slash: Reduced amount of attacks done, with increased damage per hit
  • Spark: Period between moves increased, and it increases amount of consecutive Wild Charge attacks when using Spark
  • Wild Charge: Cooldown decreased, reduced damage received when using attack


  • Pyro Ball: Cooldown reduced, increase to total damage done
  • Flame Charge: Cooldown reduced
  • Blazing Bicycle Kick: Bugs fixed
  • Blaze: Bugs fixed


  • Giga Drain: Increases the reduction of damage user receives after use
  • Petal Dance: Increases the total damage done, cooldown reduced, increases movement speed for longer


  • Attack: Stat increase
  • Fly: Cooldown reduced, increased movement in the air
  • Flame Sweep: Unite technique gauge is easier to charge


  • Defense: Stat increase
  • Sp. Defense: Stat increase
  • Rough Skin: Adjustments made to activation delay


  • HP: Stat increase
  • Attack: Stat increase
  • Smoke Screen: Bug fixed
  • Substitute: Targets hit substitute easier
  • Water Shuriken: Bug fixed
  • Torrent: Reduced attack boost
  • Waterburst Shuriken: Unite technique gauge is easier to charge


  • Sp. Attack: Stat decrease
  • Pound: Lower damage
  • Dazzling Gleam: Lower damage
  • Sing: Bug fixed
  • Cute Charm: Reduced activation gap


  • Basic Attack: Damage increase
  • Surf: Damage decrease
  • Dive: Time between moves reduced
  • Gatling Gulp Missile: Damage decrease


  • Power-Up Punch: Damage to opponent lowered
  • Close Combat: Damage increase, increased amount of hits, and bug fixed

Alolan Ninetales

  • Blizzard: How damage is dealt after hitting an obstacle has changed
  • Snow Globe: Bug fixed