Pokemon Unite's New Pokemon Can Literally Belch Opponents to Death

Pokemon Unite's newest Pokemon is all about eating Berries and then using them to injure foes in delightful and disgusting ways. Earlier today, Pokemon Unite released a new balance patch containing a ton of updates to the game. Not only does the new patch add a brand new Halloween-themed map and lots of new Holowear costumes, it also adds a brand new playable Pokemon - Greedent. Greedent is a Normal-type Pokemon originally introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Its inclusion in Pokemon Unite is a bit of a surprise, mostly because Greedent isn't exactly a Pokemon known as a powerhouse. 

It turns out that Greedent comes with a very specific set of skills in Pokemon Unite and that set of skills involves eating berries. Greedent's default boosted attack causes it to drop a berry from its tail, which Greedent can then eat to recover HP. Greedent can stockpile Berries in its tails, which it then uses to power various attacks. For instance, Greedent's Bullet Seed attack shoots consumed Berry seeds at opponents, with more damage dealt based on the number of berries consumed. However, the real gross move in Greedent's moveset is "Belch," which literally causes Greedent to blow burp gas at opponents, which damages them and decreases their movement speed for a short time. Belch's cooldown is decreased based on the number of berries it has stashed in its tail, which allows a player to hypothetically chain multiple belches at the same time. Coupled with the Berry Belly Flop (Greedent's Unite Move, which deals damage, recovers HP, and then resets cooldown on all moves while temporarily giving Greedent the ability to store unlimited berries), Greedent can hypothetically blow a lot of excess gas on its opponent and smother them to death in the horrific smell of...whatever Pokemon berry burps smell like. 

For at least a limited amount of time, players can even obtain Greedent for free. Pokemon Unite is giving away Pumpkins as part of its Halloween Festival event as an in-game currency. Players can obtain Greedent for 70 Pumpkins in the event exchange.