Pokemon Unite MOBA Will Have Costumed Pokemon

A new Pokemon Unite feature has been confirmed thanks to an apparent leak that showed different [...]

A new Pokemon Unite feature has been confirmed thanks to an apparent leak that showed different Pokemon from the game wearing unique skins. The costumed Pokemon included creatures like Machamp, Lucario, and Mr. Mime who were all customized to look much different from how you'd normally expect to see them. Though it's not an official announcement, it's the first we've heard of from the Pokemon Unite game for a while now after it was originally announced back in June 2020.

The CentroPokemon Twitter account that frequently shares information about Pokemon-related topics tweeted out the three images below this week to show off some of the Pokemon Unite skins we'll apparently see in the game. No source was provided for where these images originated from beyond the Twitter account itself.

Unique variants of Pokemon might not usually go beyond Shiny Pokemon or ones like a hat-wearing Pikachu, but it shouldn't really be a surprise that Pokemon Unite will have cosmetics like these for players to equip. It's a mobile game as well as a Nintendo Switch title with the former making it the perfect candidate for optional cosmetics, and if you look at other hit MOBAs like League of Legends, it seemed inevitable that Pokemon Unite would have its own skins as well.

Judging from what's shown in the three images, it looks like players will be able to browse through the skins in an in-game store where they'll be able to preview what the cosmetics look like on different Pokemon. The values shown beneath the skins match the symbol in the top-right corner of the Machamp image to indicate that players will be buying these skins with one of the game's in-game currencies. Looking at the gallery of skins available, it appears that they'll be sectioned off into different rarities such as "Legendary" or "Common" with prices set according to what tier they're in.

If you're not quite caught up on Pokemon Unite news, you'd be forgiven since there hasn't really been any shared since the time the game was announced last year. The Pokemon Company shared the first preview of the game through a video presentation and detailed the 5v5 team battle gameplay it consists of and how players would capture wild Pokemon and level up their own, but nothing more has been shared since then.

Pokemon Unite is planned for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch but does not yet have a release date at this time.