New Mythical Pokemon's Ultimate Move Teased

A Japanese magazine is teasing that the upcoming Pokemon movie will reveal a new Mythical Pokemon's "super move."

The newest issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked, which means that we're getting a little more information about Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story, which comes out later this month.

This month's leaks gives some new information about Zeraora, the Mythical Pokemon that will debut in the new Pokemon movie. According to the magazine, Zeraora will have a "Super move" that somehow involves changing electric energy into power.

This could be a reference to Zeraora's special move Plasma Fists, which deals damage and changes all Normal-Type attacks into Electric-Type moves. That's important as Zeraora also has the ability "Volt Absorb" which causes a Pokemon to get healed instead of damaged whenever its hit by an Electric-Type attack.

While a "Super Move" teases the presence of a Z-Move (a type of attack first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon), we haven't seen any evidence that Zeraora has its own exclusive move.

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story continues the "alternate timeline" that began in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You and features a much less experienced Ash and Pikachu. In this movie, Ash and Pikachu travel to Frau City for a Wind Festival and encounters the Legendary Pokemon Lugia and Zeraora.


Right now, we don't know what role Zeraora plays in the movie, other than it has a mysterious connection with a young child who lives in the woods outside Frau City.

Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story comes out in Japan on July 13, 2018. A dubbed version will likely debut in the US later in the year. Zeraora will likely be distributed to fans for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon around the time of the Japanese and US movie debuts.