Whoops! A Pricing Error On Toys ‘R Us Allowed Some Gamers To Get Xbox One X And More For Half Off

You gotta love it when a retailer’s website has some sort of glitch that offers you an [...]

Toys R Us

You gotta love it when a retailer's website has some sort of glitch that offers you an unbelievable amount of savings. It's even better when you're able to pick up said items without the store cancelling the order from under you.

That's what happened earlier this week, when our Twitter friend Wario64 reported an interesting pricing error over on Toys 'R Us' web page.

Apparently, here's what happened for some lucky consumers. All you needed to do was put a pair of Koala Kids Pink Flip Flop with Flower Details into your shopping basket, and then the next item you put into your shopping cart – no matter what it was – ended up being half off.

So, the flip flops by themselves are like $8, so imagine the surprise on some people's faces when, with the item in their cart, they could score a huge bargain on advanced gaming hardware.

For instance, some consumers were able to get a PlayStation 4 Pro console for $200; some walked away with an Xbox One X for the low, low price of $250; and some even got a switch for $150. And that's not counting the other consumers that got games like Super Mario Odyssey and other games for around $30 or so.

Toys R Us 2

Toys 'R Us was able to fix the glitch before too many people took advantage of it, but by the time it was over, the damage was done, and a lot of consumers already picked up some great deals. You'll find a good example below:

Of course, there is a downside to this – you still have to pick up the flip flops. You could, however, take them back to Toys 'R Us to get a refund, without having to return the half price item.

At the very least, it's crazy to see what kind of deal folks got out of this – and it'll probably teach Toys 'R Us to keep closer tabs on its website to assure it doesn't happen again.

On the bright side, man, those flip flops were selling pretty fast for a while there.