Prime Video Dubs The Season "Hot Ghoul Summer"

The Fallout series has inspired Prime Video to claim it's "Hot Ghoul Summer," and we agree.

We've officially entered Summer and it's a great season for television between episodes of Star Wars: The Acolyte, House of the Dragon, and The Boys – all of which certainly have a considerable amount of buzz about them online as their seasons unfold. Prime Video's live-action Fallout series may have premiered ahead of the hot series season back in April, but that doesn't mean it's not still taking up space in people's minds – particularly the first season's central characters Lucy, Maximus, and of course...the Ghoul. 

The Fallout series has thrust the beloved franchise into an entirely new audience, driving the player numbers higher than they've been in years across the board. It's hard to choose favorites in a series full with so many complex, well-written and portrayed characters, and Walton Goggins' Ghoul is part of many of these conversations. For people returning from the franchise as fans brought over from the decades old game franchise, Goggins' Ghoul presented a fantastic version of this iconic type of character that has been present in every Fallout entry to date, and the character's high charisma stats also helped him win over viewers completely new to Fallout

It's this consistently positive reception and the deep love showcased by fans of the series since April that has pushed Prime Video to dub this summer as "Hot Ghoul Summer." The post on X (formerly Twitter) features some behind-the-scenes of Goggins in the role, giving a cheerful "Congratulations, you've now entered Hot Ghoul Summer! Please be advised that the temperatures are very high and you should attempt to remain hydrated at all times."

Personally, I'm all in. Forget hot girl summer, this is the season for me. 

Fallout on Prime Hot Ghoul Summer.png

Images of Walton Goggins behind the scenes of Prime Video's Fallout series. In one photo we see Goggins' prosthetic makeup being applied, while in the other we see Goggins posing for a selfie with the makeup on.

- Prime Video)

What's next for Fallout on Prime?

Given the immediate positive reactions to Fallout, Prime Video was naturally greenlit for a second season before season 1 had even premiered. With the ending of season 2 leaving off in a place that indicates the Ghoul and Lucy will be making their way to New Vegas, fans are eager to see how the next events in the series unfold. The Fallout showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner provided an enthusiastic update recently stating they were "pedal to the metal to get season two out as fast as humanly possible," though it'll still be a while before we see season 2. In the meantime, there are plenty of Ghouls to fall in love with in the Fallout games – including an entirely new variety in Fallout 76's map expansion Skyline Valley