PS4 Exclusive Title 'Border Break' Announced With First Game Trailer

SEGA is bringing back the arcade mecha game Border Break exclusively to PlayStation 4 this year, [...]

SEGA is bringing back the arcade mecha game Border Break exclusively to PlayStation 4 this year, and we've got a look at the first trailer for the upcoming free-to-play title. The game itself released back in 2009, and people loved the third-person mecha shooting action the title offered. Now, we get to experience it all over again in a fresh new way for this generation's PlayStation platform.

A beta is slated to begin in February, but since it is a shooter - a PlayStation Plus membership is required to participate. We have also learned a few details about how the free-to-play title will work. Though it is free, it won't include the Stamina Mechanic, but it is possible for players to completely enjoy the game without spending a penny. That being said, like many free to play games, there will be in-title purchases available - a solid way to increase your play experience while also supporting the team that brought this mecha action to the PlayStation 4.


The revamped title will also include character changes, a story mode, 10 v 10 battles, and an objective that puts players right into the seat of the "Blast Runner" mecha in order to take control of the enemy base in the most badass way possible. You can even customise your Blast Runner as well, which is an added bonus for those looking forward to this PlayStation 4 transition.

As previously mentioned, there will be a Story Mode. That being said, this is what we know about the online aspects of the game:

  • Beginner Match
  • Casual Match
  • Ranked Match

All online matches will be tailored in a way where those not familiar with the arcade experience can still enjoy the experience. The Story Mode, however, will feature Mikoto against Marnagar for an epic rival narrative.

So far, the game has just been announced for Japan in 2018, but a western release is not off the table and we should learn more in the coming weeks.