Long-Lost PS4 Exclusive Resurfaces Online With New Artwork

Back in 2014, Wild Sheep Studios announced Wild, an open-world action adventure game meets survival game meets animal simulator in development exclusively for the PS4 and coming from the mind of Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil. Upon reveal, the game generated considerable hype given not only the fact that Ancel's name was attached to it, but because it looked quite promising.

In 2015, we saw another trailer of the game. This was followed by a year of silence. And then another year of silence. And then another year of silence. Then in 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a trademark for it randomly, and a month later a developer on the project confirmed the game is still cooking. And this was followed by silence, again.

At this point, many have given up on ever seeing the game. Meanwhile, others think if it does return, it will be on the PS5. Whatever the case, today one Reddit user noticed that the developer's official website seemingly uploaded a slab of new concept for the game, or at least what is presumably new concept art. It's possible it's old, but if it is, it's unclear why it's only getting uploaded now.

Below, you can see the new artwork for itself. If it's new, then it confirms the game has maintained the same art direction since we last saw it.

WiLD New Artwork

At the moment of publishing, neither Wild Sheep Studio nor PlayStation have commented on the artwork. So for now, we can't confirm it's new or newly uploaded. That said, if it's new, then it will come as a surprise to many PlayStation fans who wrote the game off a long time ago.


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