PlayStation Offers PS4 Exclusive Free for Limited Time

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that -- for a limited time -- it's making a PS4 exclusive free to try out. More specifically, PlayStation has revealed that one of PS4's most popular PlayStation VR titles, Firewall Zero Hour, will be free from August 28 to September 2 for PlayStation Plus members via "an extended free trial." In other words, you can try out one of the most beloved PlayStation VR games for free. However, it's important to note this isn't a free download, it's a free trial. In other words, after the trial period is over, you won't be able to play the game unless you purchase it outright. That said, your progress will carry over from the trial if you do decide to cop the exclusive.

According to PlayStation, the extended free trial is to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. Over on the PlayStation Blog, the game's creative director notes that since release a year ago, numerous updates have released and tweaked the game based on player feedback. In other words, if you played the game a year ago, there's a chance it will be much different now. The director also notes that the game's community is "stronger than ever," indicating that it's still a good time to jump into the 4v4 tactical multiplayer shooter, which you can only get on PS4 via PlayStation VR.

Since launch, Firewall Zero Hour has added four maps, plus new contractors, weapons, and a ton of customization options. And to get you up and running, a Double XP event will be happening during the six day trial.

For those that don't know: in Firewall Zero Hour, you choose from one of many contractors hired by anonymous contract handlers and work as a team to either protect or obtain the mission objective, such as valuable data stored on a laptop.


Each team's anonymous contract handler acts as their "eye in the sky" and guides each match by providing objectives and critical information along the way. To be successful, you're going to have to work together as a team, so, if you aren't into cooperation, this title probably won't be for you.

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