New PS5 Exclusive Reveal Potentially Delayed Due to Final Fantasy 16

The reveal of a new exclusive game for PlayStation 5 has potentially been delayed due to Final Fantasy XVI. In recent weeks, a new report has emerged suggesting that publisher Square Enix, which is the company behind Final Fantasy XVI, has another PS5-exclusive title of some sort that it will unveil in the future. And while we have yet to learn about what this new PS5 game could actually be, we have now seemingly discovered why it hasn't yet been shown off. 

According to journalist Jordan Middler (via ResetEra), it was expressed that the delay that Square Enix has had in showing off Final Fantasy XVI in recent months has in turn pushed back the reveal of this new game from the publisher that will also be coming to PS5. Middler suggested that once Final Fantasy XVI is publicly shown again, this new PS5 title could then be revealed soon after. "They didn't show the next PS5 title because Final Fantasy hasn't been shown yet, and was supposed to by this point," Middler explained. 

Adding further context to this mysterious PS5 game, Middler went on to also say that the new PS5 exclusive game from Square Enix isn't associated with the company's beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise. Furthermore, he also said that the exclusivity for this game with PS5 would only be limited to consoles, which means that a PC version should also come about. 

The good news about this whole situation is that Square Enix itself has already confirmed that it won't be silent on Final Fantasy XVI much longer. In a message released near the end of 2022, it was said that a new reveal for the game is set to take place in spring 2022. Once this unveil actually happens, it then stands to reason that we could see what else Square Enix might be bringing to PS5 in the future. 

When do you think that this mysterious PS5 game from Square Enix might actually be revealed? And better yet, in what month do you think we will start to learn more about Final Fantasy XVI? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or reach out on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

[H/T PlayStation Lifestyle]