PS5 DualSense Controllers Suffering From Persistent Nintendo Switch Controller Issue and Players Are Mad

PS5 DualSense controllers are apparently suffering from a problem Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers have been having for years, and PlayStation fans aren't very happy about it. More specifically, it looks like the new, premium, and impressive DualSense controllers have a stick drift problem, a problem that hasn't just plagued Nintendo Switch controllers, but PS4 and Xbox One controllers as well. Many hoped with the new generation that this problem would be an issue of the past, but it looks like it's as relevant as ever.

For those unfamiliar with stick drift, it's a term for when a controller's stick moves without being touched. The actual stick itself doesn't move, but a loose mechanism inside it does, causing the game to think the player is moving the stick even when they aren't. Typically, the issue arises with older controllers that have gone through extensive usage.

PlayStation players haven't even had the DualSense controller for a month, which means many haven't run into an issue yet, but it seems it has been totally addressed. It's possible it won't be as common, but if players are already running into the issue and it's not even December yet, well, it suggests it will be equally commonplace.

Dualsense Drift from r/PS5

Right now, it's too early to say if this will be a huge problem like it has been for the PS4, Switch, and other platforms. It's quite possible the user above dropped their controller or that it has a defect. However, they aren't the only one reporting the problem, which undermines the pair of aforementioned possibilities.

At the moment of publishing, the problem isn't pronounced enough to warrant a comment from Sony, which never even acknowledged the issue on PS4. However, if it does provide a comment on the video above and others like it, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

Just noticed my Dualsense drifts :( from r/PS5

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