PS5 Fantasy Game From God of War Studio Possibly Leaked

Sony Santa Monica may be working on a new fantasy game for the PS5, or at least that's what a new job listing out of the studio suggests. We know the team is hard at work at God of War Ragnarok, which is still scheduled to be released sometime later this year. In addition to this, it looks like the team is working on a new fantasy game, though details on this game are obviously borderline non-existent.

Over on the developer's official website there is currently a listing for a Senior Character Concept Artist. To fulfill this position, the studio is looking for someone with "strong design skills with the ability to render realistic believable fantasy-based characters, creatures, and props using contemporary industry-standard tools and techniques."

Obviously, the highlight here is "fantasy-based characters." This blurb is right in the listing's "requirements" section. Meanwhile, the following blurb is in the "responsibilities" section: "develop and maintain strong creative and collaborative partnerships across subject areas to help further develop the in-game characters, visual language, and rule sets for fantasy-based worlds." Again, the noteworthy tidbit here is "fantasy-based worlds."

Now, could a new God of War game meet these requirements? Kind of. Billing God of War as a fantasy game is not out of the realm of possibility, but many PlayStation fans think this is something else.

Unfortunately, for now, all PlayStation fans have is speculation. At the moment of publishing, neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studios have commented on this job listing or the speculation it has created, and it's unlikely either will. However, if either does, we will update the article with whatever they have to say. In the meantime, take all of this with a grain of salt. This listing could simply be for the new God of War game, though if that's the case, you'd think you'd mention as much right in the listing.


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