PS5 Beats Every Other Console to Set New Launch Record

Sony’s PlayStation 5 now holds a new record for the video game platform with the highest number of units sold and dollar sales during its launch month in the United States, according to the newest NPD Group reports. That means that it topped not only the Xbox Series X and the Series S for the month of November but also every other console that’s released in the United States in years prior, an impressive feat especially considering how infrequently PlayStation 5 stock seemed to be available. The previous holder of that record was the PlayStation 4 which claimed the top spot back in 2013.

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella shared some insights into the latest reports this week. Piscatella confirmed the news of the PlayStation 5 now holding the record that essentially boils down to it being the console with the most successful launch month out of all the consoles released in the United States. Specifics on just how many units were sold and how much money the PlayStation 5 made Sony through sales were not given.

Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad supplemented Piscatella’s briefing from the NPD report with some information on the Series X and Series S performance for the month of November. While both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles were hard to find in stock after they released, Ahmad said both the Series X and the Series S debuted lower than the Xbox One. Ahmad added in a reply to another user that the information pertained to the United States launch of the console and that Microsoft was accurate in its previous claim that the Series X was the biggest global console release for the company.

The news of the PlayStation 5 now holding the record for the most successful console launch in the United States in terms of units sold and sales earned echoes a similar message shared by PlayStation not long after the console launched. Sony tweeted from the official PlayStation account on November 25th to say the PlayStation 5 had been the company’s “biggest console launch ever.” It was in that same tweet that the company reassured people more stock would be coming, and while the PlayStation 5 has gone in and out of stock since then, finding one in stock has remained a difficult task.

Despite the PlayStation 5's achievement during its launch, the Nintendo Switch still held the record for the best-selling console during November, a record it's held for the past 24 months straight.