PlayStation Confirms Big PS5 Feature Is Coming in a Future Update

The PS5 may have just released this week, but Sony is already teasing PlayStation fans about future updates and future features. While the console is currently compatible with 8K displays, it doesn't actually output a resolution of 8K. In other words, while a PS5 will work with an 8K display, it's not going to make the most out of the premium display by providing 8K visuals. However, according to Sony, in a future update, this will change.

For now, this is irrelevant to most PlayStation gamers, because most PlayStation gamers on PS5 aren't working with an 8K TV or monitor. However, over time, 8K televisions and monitors will become increasingly common, making this feature increasingly relevant.

That said, for now, this is all Sony is divulging. In other words, it doesn't provide any ETA for the feature. It simply notes it will arrive in a future update. Not the next update or an update before 2021, just a future update, which of course is very vague.

Making the vagueness worse is the fact that Sony has a history of being slow to add features, as anyone who wanted to change their PSN name can attest to. Because Sony isn't providing a timetable, it's safe to assume that this feature is, at the very least, not coming in the immediate future.


As noted, 8K TVs and monitors aren't very common. In fact, many players still haven't upgraded to 4K, and are still on 1080p or in some cases, prefer 1440p, the latter of which PS5 does not support.

The PS5 is available in the United States and several other regions, but won't be available in Europe until November 19. For more coverage on the console -- including the latest news, deals, rumors, and leaks -- click here or check out the links below: