More Rumors Surface Claiming PS5 Is "Definitively More Powerful" Than Xbox Scarlett

Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced claiming that the PlayStation 5 is more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett. The rumor came way of Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, who revealed that he's been hearing -- presumably from developers who have dev kits -- that the PlayStation 5 will take back the title of the world's most powerful console when it launches alongside the Xbox Scarlett. How much more powerful it will be is unclear, the scuttlebutt simply claims it's the more powerful system of the two. That said, speaking on a recent episode of Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast, former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty noted that he's heard similar things. More specifically, according to what Moriarty has heard, the PS5 is "definitively more powerful" than the next Xbox.

Of course like any rumor/report, this should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, both Moriarty and Reiner are industry veterans, in other words, they aren't just some random person on Twitter or Reddit claiming to have all the latest scoops.

So far both Microsoft and Sony have revealed nearly identical consoles, but that's because both have only provided surface details on what their systems will come packing. That said, developers are starting to get their hands on dev kits of the systems, so it's only a matter of time before word of the capabilities of both start to trickle out onto the Internet.

As you will know, there's some precedence of PlayStation launching a more powerful system than Xbox. Just this generation Sony kicked off the generation with a PS4 more powerful and capable than the Xbox One. As the generation went on though, Microsoft pulled ahead in the race for power with the Xbox One X, but now it looks like Sony is about to take the "most powerful console in the world" moniker back with the PlayStation 5.

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