Huge PS5 Exclusive May Also Be Coming to Xbox Series X

One of the PS5's biggest exclusive games may also be coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. [...]

One of the PS5's biggest exclusive games may also be coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Other than Halo Infinite, right now, the Xbox Series X doesn't have many worthwhile exclusives in the pipeline, though it looks like The Elder Scrolls 6 may be a console exclusive for it. On the other hand, PS5 has some big exclusives coming in the next year or two, including Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a new God of War, and Final Fantasy 16. That said, it looks like the latter of these four games -- the new RPG from Square Enix -- may not be a true and proper PS5 exclusive, but a timed exclusive.

In a new ad from PlayStation Brazil, the fine script claims Final Fantasy 16 is only going to be exclusive to PS5 "for a limited time." Does this mean it's coming to Xbox Series X? No, it may only be coming to PC, but if it does migrate beyond PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would be in the running as possible candidates. Though, it's also possible the game could just be coming to PS4, which would also make the fine print true.

Unfortunately, right now, all we have is speculation, and it's worth noting this could be an error. While it comes from PlayStation, it comes from a regional branch of the company, which do sometimes fumble and stumble with errors like this.

Right now, PlayStation and Square Enix have not commented on any of the information above and right now the game is listed as a PS5 exclusive. That said, this wouldn't be the first time PlayStation has been sketchy and misleading about a timed exclusive. And of course, Xbox has as well. Alas, right now all we have is unofficial information and speculation, and this probably won't change. If either do provide a comment though, we will update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things PS5 click here or peep the relevant links below: