PS5 Has a Great Feature You Probably Missed

PS5 has an awesome and handy feature that most PlayStation fans seem to have missed. Last week, Sony finally released the PS5 in the United States, Japan, and select other regions. And now it's available in Europe as well. That said, while the PS5 is now in the hands of millions and while it's been in some hands for several weeks, users are still figuring out some of the console's features, tricks, and improvements, including a handy option when logging into your PSN account.

Over on the PS5 Reddit, a video showing off the feature has shot to the top of the page, and in the process, the comments have revealed almost nobody knew about said feature. The video shows the console booting up before coming to the user login screen. From here, the video reveals that if you hold down the options button, you can choose between three different login options: "online," "busy," and "offline."

In other words, if you want to log into your account but don't want to ping your friends list that you're on, you can log in as "busy" or better yet, "offline." Of course, you can manually do this when logged in, but not only does this feature save you time, but it will prevent your friends list from being notified when you log in.

A little login feature that might get missed, but is so awesome to have. from r/PS5

As noted, the comments section of the video is brimming with PS5 owners that had no clue this feature existed. What makes this even more wild is the fact that this was also an option on the PS4. In other words, it's not new, yet nobody seems to know this handy little trick existed.


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