GTA 6 Possibly Teased in New GTA Online Update Teaser

Today, Rockstar Games released a new GTA Online teaser, teasing the upcoming and "biggest ever" update, which will apparently expand the game's map with a brand new island location. That said, it looks like GTA Online may not be the only Grand Theft Auto game being teased in the teaser. The new tease shows an island that is presumably the new island GTA Online is taking players to, and this new island suspiciously looks like a part of the GTA 6 map that "leaked" earlier in the year. At the time, many wrote off the leak, but this new teaser has fans going back to it and reexamining its claims.

The rumors and leaks about GTA 6 for years is that it will primarily take place in Vice City, but will also feature several different island locations, and possibly parts of Central and South America as well. When it comes to GTA 6 rumors, this is the only thing that's been consistent. Coupling this, there have occasionally been actual map leaks, and as Twitter user "GTAVInewz" points out, one of these map leaks seemingly lines up with the map revealed today in the official GTA Online teaser.

Below, you can check out the evidence for yourself:

For now, take all of this speculation with a grain of salt, because that's all this is at the moment. While there are some striking similarities between the new GTA Online map and a GTA 6 map leak from earlier this year, there's nothing blatant or concrete enough to fully connect the dots.

GTA 6 has yet to be officially announced, but it's believed to be in development for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the highly-rumored game, click here or check out the links below: