PlayStation Confirms PS5 Fixes Two Big Problems on the PS4

PlayStation has confirmed that the PS5 fixes two big problems on the PS4. It's already October, yet Sony still has plenty to reveal about the PS5. While we know the console's prices, release date, and most of the games releasing alongside the console at launch, there's still plenty we don't know. For example, we have no clue what the PS5 UI looks like. That said, we finally have some new information about the console as Sony has finally started to get it in the hands of players, or more specifically Japanese content creators.

Not only are IRL images and videos making the round providing our best look at the console and its DualSense controller, but we now have new details via these impressions. For example, we now know the PS5 runs very quietly, something the PS4 and PS4 Pro do not. Multiple impressions out of Japan have confirmed this. In fact, one mentions the console was running in a very hot room, but still made little to noise.

Of course, the PS4 and PS4 Pro brand new aren't very loud either, but after years of use and years of dust collecting inside without being cleaned, they can sound like a jet engine is taking off inside your room. In other words, for now, it remains to be seen just how quiet the PS5 will be in the long term. We do know it boasts a much bigger design than the PS4 and has an upgraded cooling system, both of which should go a long way in keeping it cool and quiet.

The second big improvement deals with the DualSense controller. More specifically, multiple impressions are reporting that the lightbar is improved and far less distracting. As you may know, on PS4, not only is the lightbar bright, but that way its placed means it often reflects off the screen. For PS5, it sounds like this will be less of a problem.


The PS5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, priced at $400 or $500, depending on what version you buy. For more coverage on the next-gen console -- including the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here or check out the relevant links below:

H/T, 4Gamer.