PS5 Can't Play Hit Horror Demo P.T.

Tons of PlayStation 5 news became available on Friday with new facets of the console explored by many, but one of the reveals is bad news for anyone who’s been clutching onto the hit horror demo P.T. It’s been confirmed that the playable teaser for a Silent Hill project will not be playable on the PlayStation 5 with the new console apparently determining that P.T. is one of the games not playable via backwards compatibility.

Polygon first reported on the latest of a long line of unfortunate P.T. developments by saying the game couldn’t be played on the PlayStation 5. It could certainly be played at one point, according to Polygon, since they got it working on a PlayStation 5 during the review process for the console after moving it over from a PlayStation 4.

As the time for the PlayStation 5 embargoes approached, the game on the new console was listed as a “Playable on PS4” title instead, and after having to perform a factory reset of the PlayStation 5, Polygon found P.T. was no longer transferable to the new console.

When reached for comment, Sony told Polygon the decision to change the backwards compatibility state of P.T. “was a publisher decision.”

That means you can add P.T. to the list of games that won’t be playable on the PlayStation 5, though P.T. itself is a tricky title to include on that list since it’s technically a demo and not a full game. We’ve seen news of that list of unsupported games expanding via a number of Ubisoft games, but that information’s since been put into question after a follow-up from the publisher.


Regardless of what else isn’t playable on the PlayStation 5, P.T. not being playable on the next-gen console will be a blow to those who’ve held tightly to it on the PlayStation 4 lest it disappear somehow and be completely unplayable for them. We’ve already seen ownership of P.T. become a sort of bragging right with PlayStation 4 consoles pre-loaded with the game selling for more than you’d expect, but it looks like that bragging right will be restricted to the current-gen console.

There have been more talks lately of Hideo Kojima’s new game, what it may be, and when it may be revealed, so perhaps depending on what that game is, PlayStation 5 owners can still get their horror fixe somehow.