P.T. Hack Reveals the Creepiest Part About the Disturbing Demo

P.T. achieved cult hit status in a relatively short amount of time when the demo for an unreleased Silent Hills game spooked and puzzled players who tried it on the PlayStation 4. The game it teased was cancelled by Konami and looks like it'll never actually come to fruition, but the demo itself is still hiding secrets it seems. A hacked version of the demo revealed that Lisa, the ghastly spirit who's overbearing presence makes the whole demo so disturbing, is always right behind the player.

Twitter user and YouTuber Lance McDonald who's often known for his work on unearthing cut and hidden Dark Souls and Bloodborne content recently shared new findings from P.T. that are sure to stir up memories of the demo. A screenshot of Lisa showed a scene players might've jumped at multiple times during a playthrough, but this scene is actually facing away from the character. As it turns out, Lisa is always right behind the player after a certain point.

When a player turns around, Lisa won't be there, but she's definitely there with the player as they explore the house they're stuck in. This shadowing begins right when players pick up the flashlight and start noticing some strange shadows created by the house's limited lighting.

An even more distressing look at Lisa shows what happens when the game's camera is locked in place and the player continues moving forward. You can see Lisa following right behind the player, shaking almost violently as she hovers just above the ground.

This fact about P.T. apparently isn't even all that the demo has to offer. After sharing these looks at Lisa and showing how she was creepier than players ever could've imagined, McDonald said there's still more to see.


Since the demo has long been removed from the PlayStation Network, players like McDonald have taken it upon themselves to investigate the game when possible. Some have even attempted to recreate the demo so others may relive it.