Bluehole's Ascent: Infinite Realm Project Gets New Gameplay Footage

Bluehole, best known for developing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, finally unveiled footage and [...]

(Photo: Bluehole/Kakao Games)

Bluehole, best known for developing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, finally unveiled footage and gameplay from its upcoming MMORPG title Ascent: Infinite Realm this past week at the G-Star trade show in Busan, South Korea. While official footage has yet to hit the internet with any sort of subtitling, this sneak peek at the game offers tons in the way of how it works and what the world will look like, and the kinds of characters that players can look forward to.

With Ascent: Infinite Realm, players are invited to choose one of five classes (Warlord, Sorceress, Mystic, Gunslinger, and Assassin) in a fantasy world with just enough steampunk influence to make it interesting. Users can command their own airship and take part in massive-scale battles that involve several different vessels and competitors, all fighting at once.

The game invites players to "reclaim the lost territory and explore an uncharted world" filled with machines and magic. Using accessories and items, players can forge their own combat styles and customize their airships (or airborne steeds) in their quest for skybound glory. Character customization and a home estate even come into play during the game, giving the player total control over their destiny within the A:IR's mystical fantasy realm. The open-world MMORPG lets players go from ground to sky almost seamlessly, which is also a pretty nice touch.

In the new gameplay footage, players launch themselves at foes with jetpacks and go hand to hand with armed exoskeletons, making melee combat seem just as interesting in a game that seems to encourage cinematic-scale fighting on an MMO level. Spice that up with dragons that are either on your side or not, and you've got quite a few interesting hours of playtime to look forward to.

While no official release date is set for the states, there will be a western localization for A:IR, published via Kakao Games.