Final PUBG Season 8 Update Adds a Valuable Item

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting one more update to close out Season 8, and with that new patch comes a valuable item that’ll likely end up saving your life at some point. The item in question is called the Jammer Pack, and if you’ve got one in your possession, you can completely negate the damage from the Blue Zone from affecting you. It can only be used for a while before it’s depleted and becomes unusable, but those few seconds it offers can buy you enough time to get back into the zone if you’re ever caught outside of it.

An item as strong as this one comes with some catches to prevent it from being too overpowered. It’s not a small item to carry around when it comes to taking up space in your inventory, and it can only be found on two maps for the time being. It’s also not available in Ranked modes so you won’t have to worry about adapting to it so quickly in a competitive setting.

“We’ve been teasing the Jammer Pack for a while, and it’s finally making its Battlegrounds debut!” the notes for the PUBG update said. “The Jammer Pack allows you to prevent Blue Zone damage for a short time at the expense of level 3 bag space. For now, the Jammer Pack will only spawn rarely on Sanhok and Karakin in Normal and Custom Matches.”

Detailed notes for the Jammer Pack explain exactly how it’ll work in PUBG. Those notes also confirm that if you’re playing on Sanhok, you can look forward to finding this piece of equipment from the Loot Trucks if you’re able to crack them open.

Jammer Pack

  • The Jammer Pack uses its energy to temporarily prevent players from taking damage from the Blue Zone
    • A new energy bar for the Jammer Pack will be displayed on screen once equipped
  • Once all energy has been depleted, the Jammer Pack will function only a regular backpack, not giving any protection against the Blue Zone
    • Energy depletes more quickly as the Blue Zone deals more damage
  • Available in Normal and Custom Matches as rare world loot spawn on Karakin and Sanhok
    • Also obtainable from the Sanhok Loot Truck

With this being the final update for Season 8, players can now look forward to whatever’s coming in Season 9. We don’t know yet what that season entails, but we know there will be some interesting features to look for.

The PUBG update with the Jammer Pack will release on PC servers on September 16th with consoles getting the update on September 24th.