PUBG Update Adds New Weapons and a Casual Mode

The newest update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now officially live across all available platforms now that the patch has released on consoles following its earlier PC release. Within this update are a number of notable changes and features, but two stand out the most: The game's newest weapon that players can now find within care packages and the new mode geared towards casual players or those who just want to warm up with a couple of matches before hopping into the main course.

PUBG's new care package weapon is the P90 SMG, a close-quarters weapon that should be familiar to many people who play modern shooters. It's also the first SMG that's been tucked away in care packages ever since the release of the Tommy Gun.

"In this update, we are adding the fan-favorite P90 SMG to Care Packages," the patch notes for the update said. "The P90 is our first Care Package SMG since the original Tommy Gun, and as such, we made sure it is a worthy addition. It comes loaded with its own unique 5.7mm High Powered ammo, which is capable of longer-range combat, unlike our other SMGs. It also comes with a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer pre-attached and non-detachable."

Also worth mentioning is the new "Casual Mode" that's been added. Krafton wants players to have a space where they can enjoy PUBG in a "less intense environment," but don't expect to be spending all of your time there. The rules for the Casual Mode outlined within the patch notes emphasized that it's only available on one map and that people can only play three matches per day in the mode among other restrictions.

For those who've been paying attention to the update as it released on the test servers first, you'll know that this is the same update that includes the new Blue Zone Grenade. This throwable functions exactly as the name suggests and lets players spawn a Blue Zone wherever it detonates.


"Introducing the Blue Zone Grenade! This throwable item can be used effectively if you want to deal damage in a broader area for a certain period of time," the patch notes said. "Especially in situations where you want to lure enemies out of a building. The Blue Zone Grenade creates a round blue zone with a maximum radius of ten meters, lasting for five seconds. It maintains its full size for five seconds, then decreases and disappears over another 5 seconds."

PUBG's latest update is now widely available across all platforms.