Rainbow Six Siege Operators Are Coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft announced yet another crossover between two of its properties this week by teasing the arrival of Rainbow Six Siege Operators in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Known as “Operation Amber Sky” according to the trailer that was shown off on Thursday, we’ll see some of the Operators from the competitive, tactical shooter assisting with a mission on the island of Aurora. Ubisoft also established a date for the new event and said it’d kick off on January 21st, a week after the reveal.

The trailer below is all we have to go off of right now when it comes Operation Amber Sky. We see what looks to be some sort of chemical weapon known as “Amber Ruin” being dispersed across an area and used against other people by a shadowy organization. Here to help with the threat, of course, are the Rainbow Six Siege Operators.

We see a couple of different Operators from Rainbow Six Siege in the trailer including Ash alongside Breakpoint’s Nomad. How the two groups will unite their efforts against the new threat remains to be seen, but we’ll likely find out more about the live event before it kicks off next week.

Rewards and unique missions will likely be part of the event, but none of that has been revealed at this time. Players will hopefully be able to look forward to some new weapons and maybe even some gadgets considering how integral those are to the Rainbow Six Siege Operators’ arsenals.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint players will recall that this isn’t the first time the game has had a crossover with another Ubisoft property. The game also had a crossover with the Splinter Cell franchise in the past, a series that seems to be getting all sorts of appearances elsewhere but not its own game. Splinter Cell came to Rainbow Six Siege as well with Sam Fisher now an Operator in the game who goes by “Zero.”

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s new Rainbow Six Siege crossover event is scheduled to start on January 21st.