Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Rick and Morty Collab

While Rainbow Six Extraction might be the big Ubisoft game that is on the minds of many fans this weekend, Rainbow Six Siege has also kicked off a pretty notable new collab. Specifically, a handful of new skins associated with Adult Swim's animated series Rick and Morty have now come to the popular multiplayer shooter. Even though this isn't the first collab with Rick and Morty that Rainbow Six Siege has had in the past year, these new skins might be the best that we've seen so far. 

As of this moment, two new Rick and Morty skins for the Rainbow Six Siege Operators Ace and Thermite are now available to pick up in-game. The skins in question aren't involved with Rick and Morty the characters, but instead are based on a couple of the show's side characters. Thermite's skin is modeled after the assassin Krombopulos Michael, while Ace dons a one-piece outfit that looks like Mr. Meseeks. Each skin bundle on its own cost 2160 R6 credits, which is a little under $20 in terms of real money. 

As mentioned, this isn't the first Rick and Morty skin collab that has come to Siege in recent memory. Just last year, Operators Smoke and Sledge got two skins of their own. Smoke's skin happened to be styled after Pickle Rick, while Sledge resembled a Gromflomite. Given how often Siege and Rick and Morty have now worked together, it stands to reason that we could see more crossovers like this in the future. 

If you aren't already playing Rainbow Six Siege for yourself, you can currently play the game on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. In addition, Siege has also been added to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass this weekend, meaning that you can now download it as part of your subscription for no cost if you haven't already. 

Are you going to look to grab these new Rick and Morty skins for yourself in Rainbow Six Siege? And do you even think that the skins look good in the first place? Let me know your own thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.