Rainbow Six Siege: Shadow Legacy Trailer Featuring Sam Fisher Revealed

Ubisoft’s second Ubisoft Forward event featured Rainbow Six Siege, a long-standing success for the developer that was absent from the first online event. The tactical shooter made an appearance alongside other big, frequently updated Ubisoft titles like For Honor and new ones still to come like Watch Dogs: Legion. The Ubisoft Forward event revealed a new trailer for the Shadow Legacy Operation that featured none other than Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell games. Sam Fisher was already confirmed for the game before, and now we can see how he fits into the story.

Sam Fisher being in Rainbow Six Siege is hardly something to complain about if you’ve been looking for more opportunities for the character to cameo since he hasn’t gotten his own game in a while, but there were still some questions about how he’d fit in with the other characters. The animated trailer above gives a new look at Sam Fisher in Siege who will be known as “Zero” in the tactical shooter.

Unlike some of the other long-standing games that made appearances at the second Ubisoft Forward event, Rainbow Six Siege reserved a spot at the “main stage” of the event instead of the pre-show where Ubisoft shared news on games like For Honor. The placement of Rainbow Six Siege during the event set expectations for big news since it was one of Ubisoft’s oldest games that made an appearance during the main event.

Outside of Rainbow Six Siege and its games that are already available, Ubisoft shared more info on games that haven’t been released yet like Watch Dogs: Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising. The latest info on Watch Dogs: Legion comes just over a month before the game is scheduled to launch with the latest game in the Watch Dogs series set for an October 29th release date.


We’ve seen a lot on that game, but Immortals Fenyx Rising is one people haven’t heard nearly as much about. If you don’t recognize the name of the game, you may better remember it as Gods & Monsters, the name it boasted when it was first announced back in 2019. After rumors about its name being changed first surfaced, it was later confirmed that the game would no longer be called Gods & Monsters and would instead by known as the new Immortals Fenyx Rising.

This Ubisoft Forward event was the second one of its kind so far following the first from July, and Ubisoft confirmed during its event that we'll see another Ubisoft Forward showcase in the future.