'Rainbow Six Siege' Trailer Teases Operation Burnt Horizon Operators

Ubisoft continued to tease the new Operation Burnt Horizon content on Wednesday with another trailer, this one serving as a preview of the two Operators releasing soon.

Mozzie and Gridlock are thought to be the names of these two Australian Operators that’ll release as part of Operation Burnt Horizon, if previous leaks are to be believed. No matter what their names are, they’ve clearly got a lot of personality each with Ubisoft opting for a more light-hearted trailer to show off the two new characters.

Rainbow Six Siege players have an idea of what these two might be capable of thanks to those previous leaks, but the Operators’ full details haven’t been revealed yet. It’s expected that one of them, Gridlock, is an Attacker while Mozzie is a Defender. Gridlock can supposedly put down some type of web-like gadget that damages Defenders who are caught in it while alerting Gridlock’s team of their presence, and Mozzie is supposed to have a device which allows the Operator to take control of enemies’ drones.

None of those details have been confirmed yet, but the trailer does give some insight into when more information on the two Operators will be revealed. Like other Rainbow Six Siege Operations, Ubisoft will wait until the Six Invitational on February 17th to fully reveal Operation Burnt Horizon and what all it entails. It’s expected that the two Operators will have their kits detailed here as well so players know more about their weapons and equipment as well as their backgrounds that we see shine through briefly in the trailer.

Comments from Ubisoft about the start of the new Operation also lined up with these leaked details without explicitly naming the Operators or their equipment.


Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege trailer for the Operators followed another look at the new Operation that was released just recently to show off the Operation’s new map. Fittingly called “Outback,” the new map is divided into three distinct areas, and Ubisoft explained in the map trailer how the level was designed to include several interesting components while still keeping map design clearly understandable by players.

The full reveal of Operation Burnt Horizon is scheduled to take place on February 17th.