Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Out, Here's What's Changed

The patch notes for the next Rainbow Six Siege update are out with changes to several Operator’s [...]

Rainbow Six Siege
(Photo: Ubisoft)

The patch notes for the next Rainbow Six Siege update are out with changes to several Operator's weapons and more than a few bugfixes.

Announced on Wednesday, the Mid-Season Reinforcements update consists mostly of nerfs to Operators like Ash and Ela but also comes with some buffs and other gameplay improvements. The patch is scheduled to go to the test servers on Jan. 11 before the patch goes live at a later date, but before it does, here's the core balance changes that are being changed in the next patch:

Ela's SMG will have a reduced magazine size

  • We have decided to lower the magazine size of her SMG from 50 to 40 bullets.

Reduction in Concussion effects

  • With Y2S4.2 patch, concussion effects will no longer disable sprinting. It will still reduce movement speed and camera rotation speed, but affected targets will recuperate much faster (4 sec, instead of 7 sec). The effect on sight and hearing will still last a total of 7 sec.

Ash's R4-C nerf

  • We reduced the damage of the R4-C to 39 (from 41).

Capitao's Para-308 buff

  • We increased the Para-308's raw damage is to 48 (from 43). We also slightly reduced the intensity of the random components of its recoil.

Twitch's Shock Drone Ammo

  • We reduced the max ammo for each Shock Drone to 5 (from 15).

Bandit's barbed wire

  • Bandit will now have two barbed wire (down from 3).

Lesion's Gu Mine refill timer

  • We lowered Lesion's Gu Mine refill timer to 30 sec (from 35).

The Temporal Filtering has also been changed with resolution scaling and sharpness factor slide bars now found in the options menu for players to customize their settings further. Changes to the Caster Camera are incoming as well to improve the viewer's experience, and the Bomb UI has also been tweaked in the patch.

"We changed the player markers for players that are interacting with the Defuser. When a teammate is interacting with the Defuser, a new animation icon appears on the player. If your teammate is in the process of disabling the Defuser, you will also notice a new animated icon on that player. The new animated icon should make it easier to identify which teammate is currently interacting with the Defuser."

Several bugfixes affecting everything from the Operators to the level designs are also included in the update, all of which can be seen through the official patch notes.