Rampage Getting a Three Pack of Old-School Funko Pops At Walmart Next Month


Rampage drops into theaters this Friday, pitting Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson against a trio of monsters attempting to destroy Chicago, including his ape friend George, a flying wolf by the name of Ralph, and an alligator who, we assume, is going to be called Lizzie.

But just because Rampage is getting some new touches doesn't mean that fans have forgotten about the old-school. Fans remember that the original Rampage got its start in the arcades in the 1980's, where three players could take control of different monsters and trash their way through cities, eating up citizens and destroying all sorts of enemies.

Well, apparently Funko remembers, as the company is preparing to release a three-pack of special 8-bit Funko Pops featuring the monsters from the game. Set to sell exclusively through Walmart, the Rampage three-pack will release this May, and will feature George, Lizzie and Ralph in all their 8-bit glory, instead of in the new forms that you'll find in the blockbuster film.

The set hasn't gotten a price just yet, but it's likely to sell around $34.99-$39.99, and chances are it'll get snapped up quick by fans when it becomes available. A specific release date hasn't been given, but we're guessing sometime in mid-May.

Walmart has been pushing Rampage pretty heavily, even going as far as selling a mock-up arcade game that features the NES version, as well as a t-shirt featuring the three monsters in a classic arcade pose. There's no word yet if we'll be seeing other products, as it really depends on the success of the film. Don't be surprised, though, if we see more of this type pop up over the course of the summer, possibly leading into the film's release on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD.

Rampage 2

For now, though, you'll want to keep a close eye on your local shelves at Wal-Mart, so you can add these adorable – and delightfully old-school – characters to your growing Funko Pop or gaming collection. We'll get more details as to when they'll be available, and when you'll be able to wreak havoc with them on your entertainment center. RAWRRRRR!

Rampage releases in theaters this Friday.