Razer Introduces New Pro Grade Microphone, The Seiren

We know a lot of you streamers and podcasters out there want the finest gear possible when it [...]

Razer Seiren

We know a lot of you streamers and podcasters out there want the finest gear possible when it comes to your sessions, and that means getting a quality microphone that works right alongside you. With that, Razer has introduced its very first pro grade microphone that's sure to make a world of difference for a few of you.

Called the Razer Seiren Elite, it serves as "a dynamic USB microphone packed with professional grade features to bring high quality audio to live streamers and YouTube broadcasters. The single capsule design, coupled with built-in filter and limiter gives a richer, warmer vocal tone previously only found through high-end broadcast equipment."

In addition, the Seiren "features a single dynamic capsule and cardioid capture pattern for accurate wide frequency recording. The built-in high-pass filter removes unwanted low-frequency vibrations, such as fan noises or air conditions hums. And when the excitement gets too much, a digital/analogue vocal limiter will automatically adjust audio gains to prevent distortion and popping, keeping streams and recordings balanced and smooth."

The microphone is now available through the Razerzone store and certain retailers worldwide for $199.99. That's a bit on the costly side, but you do get some good value from it – not to mention top-tier quality.

"Most professional-grade microphones require additional recording equipment, like mixers and converters, that you need to get your sound onto your PC," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. "The Razer Seiren Elite solves that problem, letting broadcasters focus on their content and letting the Seiren Elite handle their audio."

The company also noted that the product "simplifies the audio set-up process by being a simple plug and play operation, not requiring external mixers, amplifiers or signal converters. The Razer Seiren Elite is the latest addition to the Razer Broadcaster range, which includes the Razer Kiyo, a streaming camera with built-in ring light which was won the Tom's Guide Innovation award for peripherals and the Laptop Mag Editors' Choice in 2017."

From what we've seen so far, it's pretty impressive, but probably best reserved for those of you more serious about your streaming game, or taking your podcasting recording to the next level. We'll see if we can get our hands on one for impressions in the weeks ahead!

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