'Ready Player One' Features Two of Gaming's Most Iconic Weapons

Ready Player One is out now in theaters and it's pretty much a nerd's paradise. Seriously, the entire experience, though not without its flaws, had so many nods to all things pop culture and video games - it was hard not to get swept away by it all.

Many of these easter eggs were short, though, and if you blinked - you could have very well missed it. As a huge fan of both the Halo and the Gears of War franchises, I feel like it's my duty to point those out in a long list of gaming nods.

halo nod

This one would be easy to miss, especially since it was such a fast-acting sequence and it wasn't Master Chief's iconic armor. For those hardcore Halo fans, you might have been surprised to see the MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System. This weapon was a staple in the Microsoft franchise, and most military personnel in the games can be seen with these bad boys equipped.

It might have been easy to miss the first time around, but now that you see it ... you know it's there!


The infamous Gears of War lancer gun also made an appearance. This one I absolutely squealed over! I have 5 different variations of the iconic weapon in real life from various prop makers, so you better believe the fangirl in me came out.

So, no ... Marcus (or even the Cole train, woo!) didn't make the cut but we did get to see that beautiful lancer gun once more during the final battle scene near the end of the film. When Ar3mis was in the midst of combat, she whips this bad boy out to join the fight. But we have to say ... girl ... why didn't you utilize that chainsaw attachment, boo?!

These two easter eggs were no where near the only ones featured in the movie. Comic book, video game, and classic movie references were littered throughout the entire experience. Make sense, given that the film is an adaptation of a novel that is essentially one giant fan-fiction.


Ready Player One is out in theaters now! If you're like us, you'll love trying to spot all of the hidden nods!