Red Bull Partners with 'League of Legends' for 1v1 Tournament

Red Bull and Riot Games have partnered up to give League of Legends players who the chance to [...]

Red Bull and Riot Games have partnered up to give League of Legends players who the chance to represent their country and be crowned a master of 1v1 fights. The tournament is called Red Bull Player One 2019 and starts on April 1st with more than 25 countries featured in the competition that'll take place throughout the year. Players who advance far enough will eventually be able to receive coaching from professional League of Legends players, but only one person will become the champion during the finals match in Brazil.

Announced this week by Red Bull Esports and Riot Games of Europe, the Red Bull Player One 2019 will make preliminary stops in areas like the United Kingdom, Egypt, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, and many more countries. A full list of the countries that'll host the tour stops can be found through Red Bull's event page for the tournament, though information on how to register for the competition and get tickets hasn't been shared yet. Rules for participating are listed though: You can't be a professional player in one of League's official competitive regions like the LCS, you have to be at least 16 years old, you have to be able to travel, and you can only compete in one country's qualifier.

For those who are already familiar with 1v1 matches in League either through friendly competition or a way to settle an argument, the match rules for this tournament will look familiar. Players will compete on Summoner's Rift in a Blind Pick match with one player able to choose what side of the map they want. Matches are won by eliminating the other player first, killing 100 minions before your opponent, or destroying the enemy's tower.

As for the rewards, Red Bull Esports said competitors have a trip to Brazil and training from pros to look forward to with the victor earning themselves a trophy.

"Winners of the national finals will go on to officially represent their country in an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil in December 2019," the announcement said. "The representatives will have the chance to get in-person coaching from some of the best LoL pros to help sharpen their skills for the finals. Stay tuned for the amazing trophy the Player One 2019 will take home!"

Red Bull Player One 2019 is scheduled to begin on April 1st.


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