Red Dead Online Gets Halloween Update

Red Dead Online players will be able to celebrate Halloween this month thanks to new content, bonuses, and spooky-related items. Despite Rockstar Games confirming it was essentially done supporting Red Dead Online with big content drops, it has continued to keep things running with smaller updates. While we won't be seeing things like heists, houses, or other big updates that fans hoped to see for quite a while, it is nice that Rockstar is continuing to offer new things and bring back fan favorite items for those who want to continue playing the beloved online mode.

Rockstar Games has revealed all of the Red Dead Online content it will be giving players access to for October. On October 18th, there will be a new pair of hardcore Telegram missions that allow you to investigate reports of a cult partaking in an "eerie ritual", though details are scarce on the moment. Players can also pick up the Halloween Pass 2 or continue where they left off if they previously made progress in it. As per usual, there are also a plethora of bonuses, discounts, and free items that players can scoop up with this update. You can view the full list of ways you can celebrate Halloween in Red Dead Online down below.

  • Halloween Pass 2 returns, available through October 31st  
    • Players previously enrolled in The Halloween Pass 2 will pick up their progress where they last left off and maintain their VIP status
  • Free Hired Gun Kit upon completion of The Halloween Pass 2 (including those who completed all ranks last year)
  • New All Hallows' Call to Arms Locations: Heartland Oil Fields, Limpany, and the St. Denis Cemetery
  • Triple RDO$ and XP on All Hallows' Call to Arms
  • Three new Hardcore Telegram Missions coming October 18: False Hopes and Prophecy
  • Double Gold, RDO$ and XP on Manhunt Bounty Hunter Free Roam Event, The Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity, and The Bluewater Contract
  • Free 2 Potent Health Cures per week for playing each week this month
  • 4X Gun Oil for playing any All Hallows' Call to Arms any week this month
  • Free 2 Potent Snake Oil, 3 Pieces of Big Game Meat, and 25 Capitale for playing Red Dead Online the week of Halloween (October 25-31)
  • The Red Mane and Tail options are free all month long
  • Free Community Outfit inspired by Redditor u/Rayburn-Rudolph comprised of the Cutter Hat, Patterned Bandana, Traditional Vest, Side Collar Shirt or Winford Shirtwaist, Avery Gloves, Lightfoot Pants, Gunslinger Gun Belt, Griffith Chaps, Lumber Boots, and Gerden Deluxe Spurs
  • 25% off all Halloween Masks at Madame Nazar's Shop
  • Discounts: 30% off all Revolvers, 35% off Split Point and Explosive Slug Ammo Pamphlets, 40% off American Paint Horses, the "Howl" Emote, and all Throwing and Melee Weapons, 50% off Haircuts, Dentistry, Makeup, Shotgun Ammo, all Hunting Knife Customizations, Candy and Chocolate
  • Prime Gaming: Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before November 2 will receive an Offer for 5 Gold Bars, the Torranca Coat, Calhoun Boots, and the Applause Emote

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