Red Dead Online Players Get Free Weapons, Clothing for the Holidays

Red Dead Online players are getting some seasonal gifts for the holidays in the form of one free [...]

Red Dead Online players are getting some seasonal gifts for the holidays in the form of one free piece of clothing and a free repeater, Rockstar Games announced this week. The creators of the online game that's now available as a standalone title shared a preview of what's new and what's to come over the next couple of days with players able to take advantage of the usual XP bonuses and item discounts on top of the free items.

The two items players are getting at no cost are the weapon and the coat mentioned above which players can get after redeeming a coupon for the gear. Getting those is an easy process that can be done right away now that the game's latest update is live.

"With inclement weather setting in, visit the Benefits page in the Pause Menu to pick up a free set of gifts - including a Coupon for a free Coat to protect you from the elements, as well as a Coupon for a free Repeater," Rockstar Games said about the holiday update and the free items.

On top of that, Rockstar Games said players can also pay a visit to the gunsmiths to check out some new variants on weapons. One of those variants is being given away like the two items mentioned above while a shotgun variant has had its rank restrictions temporarily removed.

"The holiday even softens the steely spirits of local Gunsmiths, who are giving out the brand-new Winter Evans Repeater variant gratis just for stopping by this week," Rockstar Games said. "While you're there, consider picking up the seasonal Krampus Shotgun variant of the Double Barrel Shotgun, the latter of which has had its Rank lock restrictions temporarily lifted."

Some new horses have also come to the stables for purchase, and the Make It Count - Bow & Arrow and Last Stand modes are paying out triple the rewards, a common practice with Rockstar's updates for Red Dead Online and GTA Online. Discounts at the Wilderness Outfitters, in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, and on Moonshiner items are all live as well until the next big update drops to cycle all the discounts out with new ones.