Red Dead Online Update Launches New Outlaw Pass, Rewards for 3 Roles

Rockstar Games released another Red Dead Online update this week that brought something with it [...]

Rockstar Games released another Red Dead Online update this week that brought something with it that's different from the normal weekly release: A new Outlaw Pass. The latest of Rockstar's battle pass-like tracks of rewards for Red Dead Online players is now live with the Outlaw Pass No. 5 offering things like a dog companion, unique cosmetics, and more. Red Dead Online's update this week also offered some bonuses for players embarking on the Moonshiner, Trader, and Naturalist Roles.

The release of the Outlaw Pass No. 5 will be the big to-do for Red Dead Online players who'd already cleared the last Outlaw Pass and were waiting on another. Within that pass, we can already assume that the Sable Australian Shepard Camp Dog reward will be a favorite among many. Rockstar Games is also running a special promotion for this Outlaw Pass that will allow players to get their full investment back from it if they upgrade to the pass within a certain amount of time and finish all of the 80 ranks available.

"Members who upgrade to the new Outlaw Pass No. 5 for 35 Gold Bars before March 23, 2021 will receive a 10 Gold Bar rebate, giving them the prospect of earning back their entire purchase across all 80 Club Ranks," Rockstar Games said.

Outlaw Passes aside, all players who've been working on their Moonshiner, Trader, and Naturalist Roles can look forward to some bonuses this week. Moonshiner and Trader sales will net players an offer for 30% off an Established or Distinguished item within the Role, and Naturalists will get a Legendary Ghost Panther Sample just for playing. On top of those rewards, the following bonuses are also in effect for the week:

Red Dead Online Role Bonuses

  • Collectors eager to please the nomadic Madam Nazar, meanwhile, will receive 5 American Wildflowers.
  • Moonshiners of all sorts will receive 5 free Mash Refills, as well as an Offer good for 30% off a Novice or Promising Moonshiner Item.
  • Traders seeking a tidy profit will receive 2 Rewards redeemable for 25 Trader Goods each.

Red Dead Online's latest update is now live across all platforms.