Red Dead Online Update Offers Rare Bonuses and Discounts

Rockstar Games typically offers a couple of different discounts for Red Dead Online players as part of the game's weekly updates, but this first update of 2021 that the game's gotten offers some bonuses that are different from what we typically see. While there are indeed still discounts on the usual items like weapons, clothing, and more, Rockstar Games is also giving players the rare opportunity to get a free Honor Reset for a limited time. Changing the appearance of players' characters is also discounted, and both barbers and saloons are offering their services for free for the next week.

Red Dead Online's latest update following a number of different holiday specials was detailed this week in the expected Tuesday post from Rockstar Games. Standout bonuses from this week's update include the discounted appearance changes and the free Honor Reset that'll let players wipe their honor records to get a fresh start in the new year.

"The arrival of the new year brings new starts and resolutions," Rockstar Games' announcement about the update said. "To help celebrate, all Red Dead Online players will receive a Reward for a Free Honor Reset this week to wipe the slate clean, plus all players can take half off the cost of changing their character's appearance."

If you find yourself needing a haircut or a drink this week in Red Dead Online, you can get both of those from barbers and saloons respectively at no cost until January 11th.

On top of those limited-time perks, Red Dead Online is also offering the expected benefits from the weekly updates like bonuses applied to certain modes and discounts on different items. Harriet Davenport is paying 50% extra for Naturalist Samples while Madam Nazar is paying 30% more for completed Collector's Sets. You can use your extra money afterwards to check out the discounts listed below.


Red Dead Online's Weekly Discounts

  • 30% off all Revolvers
  • 60% off all Ammo
  • 50% off all Food, Liquors and Tonics including Harriet's Tonics
  • 30% off Stable Stalls, Horse Tonics and Horse Food
  • 40% off Horse equipment – Saddles, Saddlebags, Stirrups, Blankets, Horns
  • 30% off all Legendary Ram Garment Sets in Gus' Store

Red Dead Online's latest update with all the bonuses mentioned above is live now, so be sure to take advantage of them before they're cycled out for new ones next week.