Red Dead Online Update Celebrates Standalone Release With a Ton of Free Gifts

Red Dead Online launched as a standalone game in December 2020, and to celebrate that release, Rockstar Games is giving out a ton of free rewards that are available to anyone who wants them. They're attainable whether you played the standalone version or the one included in Red Dead Redemption 2, and even if you haven't been playing the game lately, you've still got around two weeks to redeem them before the offer expires.

Rockstar Games periodically gives out free stuff to the Red Dead Online community through the game's weekly updates, but this deal offers much more than players typically receive. A total of 11 different rewards were listed by Rockstar Games that don't even include the optional discounts players can take advantage of. What's best about them is that they're perfect for pretty much any player regardless of if you've been playing Red Dead Online since its release or just started when it became a standalone product.

To get the rewards in question, all you have to do is have played Red Dead Online – either version – between December 1st and February 15th. That means you've still got time to meet the requirements if you haven't already, and if you do so, you'll get all the rewards and discounts listed below. Rockstar Games said the rewards will show up in players' games within 72 hours of playing to earn them.

Red Dead Online Rewards and Discounts

  • Reward for a free Horse under Rank 40
  • Reward for a free Stable Slot
  • Reward for 5,000 Club XP
  • Rewards for 2 free Ability Cards
  • High Velocity Ammo for all gun types
  • Reward for a free Coat
  • Reward for a free Hat Rank 15 and under
  • Reward for a free Shirt Rank 15 and under
  • Reward for a free Fast Travel Voucher
  • Horse Reviver
  • Assortment of select Tonics and other consumables
  • Discounts
  • 50% off any Weapon
  • 40% off any Non-Role Pamphlet from the Fence
  • 30% off anything from Wilderness Outfitters

The deal to get Red Dead Online's standalone version at a discounted price expires on the same day that the offer for the free items does. That version of the game is currently available at $4.99, but it'll go up once the standalone celebration ends on February 15th.