Reminder: Overwatch’s Free Weekend Kicks Off Today


While we reported on the news a few days ago, we couldn't help but remind you about the free weekend that's happening in Overwatch – starting today!

The weekend event is set to kick off this morning starting at 11 AM PDT, and running through Sunday, September 25th at 11:59 PM PDT.

Throughout the whole weekend, you'll have access to the full game and its many modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games and the Arcade. There's no limits on what you can access, as the game's 25 heroes and 16 maps will be at your fingertips as well. It's the ultimate test drive leading up to getting the full game.

And best of all, the game will be open to all regions, as the free weekend is worldwide.

Any Loot Boxes, leveling and customization options that you unlock within the game will be saved and carried over if you decide to opt for the full release following the free weekend, so you needn't worry about losing it after it comes to a close a few days from now.

There is a catch, though – if you're taking part in the action on console, you'll need a PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStation 4, and an Xbox Live Gold membership on Xbox One. That's a small price to pay, especially since both need to be active in order to get online play going anyway. So make sure you get that set up ahead of time.

You can find more details about the free weekend, and everything required with it, on the official Overwatch page. You can also check the worldwide chart there, so you can see specifically when the free weekend will kick off in your region. But don't worry – you'll have plenty of time to earn some frags, enjoy the modes and get the hang of some of your favorite characters.

Oh, and if you need to learn the ropes with the game, you can take part in a number of training modes, as they'll be available during the weekend as well, including Tutorial, Practice Range and Practice vs. AI. Have at it!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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