Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil: Resistance Survey Asks for Players' Opinions

If you’re a Resident Evil fan who played through either Resident Evil 3, its multiplayer component called Resident Evil: Resistance, or both, Capcom has a new survey out this week that’s asking for your opinions. The survey is targeted towards those who’ve spent time with either of the games regardless of how long of a time that may have been and asks questions about various parts of the experiences and how much players enjoyed or disliked them. There aren’t any tantalizing questions in the survey to hint at what may come in the future, but filling it out is still worthwhile if you want to feel like you’ve had a say in where the franchise goes.

The survey was shared through the official Twitter account for the franchise and can be found below if you’d like to fill it out. It starts out with a few basic questions like asking players where they live and whether they’ve already purchased Resident Evil 3 or not and dismisses those who haven’t, so it’s really only for people who have played.

Capcom’s survey gauges players’ interests in different parts of the main game like the gore factor, how scary it is, and how much players enjoyed the story and the graphics. The same questions are asked for Resident Evil: Resistance as well, so if you liked one more than the other, you’re free to share your opinions on each one without having the two games grouped into one “How did you feel?” question.


Questions about how scary the game was will probably be garner some of the more divisive responses to the survey. Resident Evil games often sway towards either action or horror in their design with different blends of the two genres found throughout each new game and remake, though some thought Resident Evil 3 was too far towards “action” for their liking. Our review of the game found the balance to be a comfortable one that did indeed lean towards more action than horror, but not egregiously.

Another survey shared not long ago asked Resident Evil fans whether they’d like to see more sequels ore remakes in the future.