Resident Evil 4 Director Wants Rumored Remake to Improve the Story

The director of Resident Evil 4 has revealed that if Capcom does opt to remake the incredibly-popular installment in the survival-horror series, it will do a better job with its narrative this time around. For over a year now, rumors have been circling suggesting that Capcom is currently working on Resident Evil 4 Remake, which should be in the same vein as its previous remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. And while the Japanese publisher has yet to confirm that this is something that will be happening, the creator of the original game has now given the project his blessing with a bit of a caveat.

In a recent conversation with VG247, longtime Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami was asked about Capcom possibly remaking Resident Evil 4. Overall, Mikami revealed that this is an idea that he is very much down for because "fans will most likely want it, and so that's a good thing." Despite the positive feedback to the remake in a general sense, Mikami did note that he would like to see some narrative alterations in a new version of RE4. "It would be great if Capcom could do a great job and make the story better, and put out a good product," he said.

While it might sound like Mikami is being hard on Resident Evil 4 with this statement, he's actually being hard on himself more than anything. Mikami went on to clarify that when the original RE4 was made, he "only had three weeks to write it", which meant that he couldn't dedicate as much time as he would have liked to the story. Clearly, that quick turnaround when creating Resident Evil 4 is something that has bothered Mikami over the years, which is why he'd like to see the story made even better in a potential remake. 

Even if Capcom did find a way to somehow make Resident Evil 4's story that much better in a future remake, it's wildly impressive that Mikami was able to write the story for one of the most iconic games of all time in such a condensed period. Assuming that the team working on RE4 Remake was allowed more time to refine the story, perhaps they could come up with something even better than what we've already seen.

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