New Resident Evil Movie Gets First Teaser Trailer

A new Resident Evil movie is on the way this year with Resident Evil: Death Island getting its first teaser trailer this week. The movie will be a CG-animated film starring some of the most iconic Resident Evil characters around including Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and more. Resident Evil: Death Island doesn't yet have a release date beyond the broad 2023 window, but we do have some details on it already that help to set up the story.

The first teaser trailer for the movie can be seen above (via IGN) wherein we see some of those familiar characters as well as a whole lot of zombies. References to characters like Rebecca Chambers as well as different zombie variants can be seen throughout the trailer, too, to leave fans to speculate.

What we don't have to speculate on, however, is what the movie's about. The synopsis of Resident Evil: Death Island can be seen below:

"D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit," a preview of the movie reads. "Meanwhile, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified. The only thing the victims have in common is that they all visited Alcatraz Island recently. Following that clue, Chris and his team head to the island, where a new horror awaits them."

While not mentioned in the description of the movie, you'll notice at the very end of the trailer that there's a brief cutaway to Jill Valentine, another fan-favorite from the Resident Evil series.

For those who remember Resident Evil: Vendetta, another animated film which released in 2017, you may be interested to see that this is a sequel to that movie. That one starred characters like Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers, and while it didn't necessarily get stellar ratings, it was still enjoyed by fans of the series overall.

Resident Evil: Death Island does not yet have a release date but will be out at some point this year.