Return to Dark Tower to Get New Print Run, New Expansion on Backerkit's Crowdfunding Platform

The popular Return to Dark Tower will get a second print run along with a brand new edition. Earlier this month, Restoration Games announced that it would bring Return to Dark Tower, a fantasy strategy game inspired by the Dark Tower board game of 1980s fame, to Crowdfunding by BackerKit in the future. The new crowdfunding campaign will fund not only a second print run of the Return to Dark Tower board game, but also introduce a new Covenant expansion with four new heroes. No timeline has been announced for the new crowdfunding campaign, but backers can sign up to be notified when it launches. 

Return to Dark Tower acts as a sequel to the 1981 Dark Tower board game, which was notable for its use of a small computer shaped like the titular dark tower. Players would input their moves on the tower's keyboard, and the Dark Tower would keep progress of various game aspects. Return to Dark Tower brought back the Dark Tower electronic component, although this time it used Bluetooth technology and a mobile app in lieu of a mini-computer. Return to Dark Tower mixes individual heroics and quests with area control gameplay. 

The first Return to Dark Tower campaign raised over $4 million on Kickstarter. Restoration Games and several other game publishers with successful Kickstarter campaigns announced that they would move future campaigns to the Crowdfunding by Backerkit platform, in response to Kickstarter's planned integration of blockchain technology into their platform. Many publishers already use BackerKit for logistics and fulfillment support, so it's expected that Crowdfunding by BackerKit will be a major success and a potential rival to Kickstarter. Crowdfunding by BackerKit is currently in beta, but several high-profile campaigns have already been announced.