Rick and Morty Invading Multiple Party Games, Including Rocket League

Rick and Morty are set to invade a few more universes. Pretty soon they'll be showing up in a few [...]

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Rick and Morty are set to invade a few more universes. Pretty soon they'll be showing up in a few of our favorite games, thanks to Adult Swim Games. Adult Swim revealed today that Rick and Morty are coming to the worlds of Rocket League, Move or Die, Gang Beasts, and Steam VR Home.

"Each game will incorporate custom Rick and Morty characters and gear seamlessly in fun and exciting ways. Battle against friends as Bird Person or Mr. Meeseeks in Move or Die, or suit up Rick or Morty style in Gang Beasts while terrorizing enemies in hazardous conditions. Fans can now customize their playing experience and show off their love for the hit series in brand new worlds."

Most of you reading this either already own, or will soon own, Rocket League. You'll be glad to know that the Rick and Morty customizations are coming next week on July 5, and they're going to be free. "Rick and Morty will be available as Antennas, along with 'Cromulon,' 'Mr. Meeseeks,' and 'Mr. PBH' Toppers, an 'Interdimensional GB' Rocket Boost, and some familiar-looking 'Sanchez DC-137' Wheels. Bonus: the 'Cromulon' Topper can drop as a Painted item!" All of these items will be available as common drops after offline matches.

Gang Beasts is still in Early Access, but can be purcahsed and played this very moment for $14. We haven't seen anything on their community board about the Rick and Morty skins, or any notice from Adult Swim as to when those will be made available.

As for Move or Die, the hilarious party game, Rick and Morty are already available. You'll now be able to play as Rick, Morty, Mr. Meeseeks, Krombopulous Michael, or Bidperson. The developers were also very proud to announce that all of these characters will cost you exactly 0 schmeckels.

Also, as a PSA, the press release mentioned a special livestream being hosted tomorrow: "Fans can also tune into the Rick and Morty Live-Streaming Event tomorrow, Thursday, June 29th hosted by series co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland on AdultSwim.com and featuring new reveals about the upcoming season. Some lucky fans will be in the studio audience in Los Angeles but everyone can watch live starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST."