Rocket League Details Plans for Fall 2019

Update: Psyonix has updated its blog post to say Competitive Season 12 will begin on August 27th [...]

Update: Psyonix has updated its blog post to say Competitive Season 12 will begin on August 27th following the title update released that same day, not August 28th as previously stated. The information in the original article has been updated to reflect that change.

Original: Psyonix has outlined is plans for the next season of Rocket League updates and feature that'll roll out throughout Fall 2019. The next Rocket Pass and competitive season are on the way in August, and some parts of the game's audio will be changed throughout the next few months as well. Additional features planned for the season include the return of a spooky event along with new stats and what Psyonix is calling "Tournaments 2.0."

Laying out the plans for Fall 2019 in a post on the game's site, Psyonix detailed much of what players can expect from the next few months. Late August is when the first wave of new content will arrive following a title update, Psyonix said, along with the next competitive season and Rocket Pass. Psyonix said the current competitive season will end on August 27th while the next one will begin the same day following the release of a title update. Rocket Pass 3 will come to an end on August 27th and the upcoming Rocket Pass 4 will begin on August 28th now that Psyonix has decided to extend the duration of the current pass.

"We heard you. The gap between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 was too long," Psyonix said in its post. "So, we're extending Rocket Pass 3 to the beginning of Rocket Pass 4. Rocket Pass 3 will be live until August 27, however no new Weekly Challenges will be added. The next Rocket Pass will begin on August 28."

Following up on some audio changes which landed in the previous update, Psyonix is building off those to add High Dynamic Range Audio in the update which will release on August 27th. An in-depth look at the game's new sounds will be coming in the next few weeks.

Closing out the details of the roadmap are a few more plans including the addition of three new stats called "High Five," "Low Five," and "Swish." Bump into a teammate either in the air or on the ground respectively after scoring to raise the first of those two stats while the third tracks how many times you score in Hoops without touching the rim. Haunting Hollows will be making a return in the fall, and a revamping of the game's tournaments will also take place.

"One of the goals in 2019 is to revamp Rocket League's Tournament system," Psyonix said. "Think of it as Tournaments 2.0. This would include having automated, scheduled tournaments in-game that players could join. Look out for more info on the revamped Tournaments system later this year."

The planned Party-Up System and Inventory Management features as well as other quality-of-life changes for the trading system discussed in the last roadmap are still in development, Psyonix said, and are planned for a release later this year.